Philoinvestor is a portmanteau word made up by the words philo and investor. Philo is the anglicized form of the Greek word φίλο, which when joined before another word, means “friend of” or “love of”. As in the case of philosophy which means “love of wisdom”, philoinvestor (adjective) means “love of the investor”.

A philoinvestor (noun) is someone that engages in investments and decision making using a philosophical, educated and unemotional thought process.

Philoinvestor’s creation was completely organic as I had never consciously planned for it to happen. During the March 2020 Covid stock market bottom I was having a conversation with an investor who enquired as to why I was buying stocks so aggressively, considering the world was in the middle of a pandemic.

After a long conversation and me having offered a number of ideas, concepts and explanations as per the why; I realised it was better to write a small letter to explain my thought process. That first letter was the beginning of Philoinvestor.

Since then, a number of interesting subjects came up and I started to write about them in the same analytical and philosophical way as that first letter.